Eco-friendly Mud Houses

We all are dwelling under the same sky in the same land. For our existence, the land should be conserved and there should be a minimal intervention in nature from our part. Do you think a home can save our nature? The simple answer is (almost) no. But, when we delve deep into the answer, we can say that there are environmentally low-impact homes built using materials and technology that reduce the big carbon footprint in nature. Sustainable mud homes are one of these and we are proud to bring back mud homes in India. We are on a mission to discard the age old stigma that Mud houses are signifiers of rural areas and economic backwardness. We can create the best of vibes by interlacing the unique vibes of home and nature.

  • Mud houses are cheaper, recyclable and pollution-free.
  • These eco-homes can also last for thousands of years.
  • From famous resorts, film academies, hospitals, to heritage sites, mud houses are gaining wide popularity.
  • Mud’s malleability makes it an ideal building material
  • Mud houses are Strong, Sturdy & Disaster-Resistant

Having a home that benefits both you and nature is super cool. Mud houses are the best solution for not burning both your pockets and the earth. Many architects have been pushing the trend of mud houses for decades. we too are joining them for a better future.

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